6 Most Important Methods for Roofing Advertising

The internet offers many ways for roofers to advertise. However, every roofer has to find out for which channels suit his company. In this post, we would like to introduce you to the six most important online marketing methods for roofers.

The type and scope of advertising for your roofing company depend mainly on your time and financial opportunities and goals. You can implement all these marketing ideas yourself. However, if you do not have the time to do it yourself, you should seek professional help and hire someone to help you get your business moving on the web.

1. Advertising with your roofer website
The most important pillar for a successful online roofer marketing is and remains the own homepage. The first advertising tool is your website, which is a kind of business card on the Internet.

Here for you to get roofing leads, a roofer should represent serious and with all his expertise. Customers often get a first impression of the company through the website. A reputable website where customers feel well informed and secure is the first step in getting in touch. This is then done via a contact form, by e-mail or by phone. Therefore, this information may not be missing on the website. Also, driving directions makes sense, so that customers can even come in person in the company.

If you want to advertise on your homepage, there are tons of possibilities. You should invest a lot of time and effort in creating your roofing homepage. In addition to a good design, it is important that your website contains subpages of the services you offer. In addition to good photos, each of these pages should contain important keywords and locations from your area.

It’s best to use a content management system like WordPress to build your roofing website. The main advantage of WordPress is that you can easily create your pages and blog posts without being able to program. Also, there are a lot of very good design templates (WordPress Themes) and plugins that have been created specifically for artisan websites and you can quickly and easily create a very modern website or cost you can create by a WordPress experts.

2. Free advertising on Google My Business & Maps
Google also offers various offers for companies. So your roofer company should under no circumstances be missing from the Google online business directory Google My Business. Once you have registered for free there and proven that you are the owner of your company, your Google Business profile is online.

With your entry, you can enter a descriptive text, pictures, opening times, address and contact data. Your entry will then be automatically published to Google Maps.

Once your listing is approved, it may appear in Google’s search results if someone searches for a roofer in your region or city. Often these Google Maps entries are displayed even before the normal search results.

Your customers can also rate your roofer company, and these ratings will then be displayed with stars in the search results. If you have a lot of positive customer reviews, this brings with it an additional advertising effect.

3. Advertising with Google Adwords
In addition to the free Google Business entry you can of course also make paid advertising on Google. Namely over Google Adwords advertisements.

The advantage of Google Adwords for roofers is that you can specifically target specific search terms to advertisements that appear above the maps and normal results. You can switch different ads for different search terms that link to different websites.

Google Adwords is paid per click, i.e. per visitor. How much you have to pay per click depends on how many competing roofer companies advertise for the same keywords. This varies depending on the city and the competition. That may sound a lot at first glance. If your website is good, you can manage to get every 10th – 20th visitor as the lead who contacts you.

4. Facebook Fan page & Advertising
A key advantage of Facebook is that it is free and many potential customers in your area can get in touch with you and get an idea of ​​your job and your offer. As a roofer, you can share your blog posts, text, photos and videos with your followers and answer questions. For example, you can share pictures of your rooftop work, or look for new employees and raise awareness of your website and offer.

Facebook Ads for more coverage
Meanwhile, it is no longer so easy to call attention to his Facebook fan page, and it may be advantageous to so-called Facebook Ads ads to switch. Likewise, people who are not yet a “fan” of your business will see your posts or banners.

Like Google Adwords, Facebook ads are very well targeted by the region. Also, you can filter your ads very demographic attributes such as age, gender, etc.

Facebook offers different ad formats at different prices. So you can “boost” relatively easily and inexpensively his contributions and present to many thousands of potential customers.

Facebook promises that the ads attract attention and are also clearly visible on smartphones. To track the effects and achievements of the ad, Facebook compiles detailed reports. If you also want to run ads on Instagram, you can link both platforms and increase their reach without much effort.

Also to announce sweepstakes, discount promotions or appointments, Facebook is optimal. The goal of getting followers on Facebook and getting likes is much easier via Facebook Ads and should be tested.

5. Advertising with online videos
If you want to advertise on self-made videos, you’re in the best hands on YouTube. If you are already registered with Google, you will also get access to Youtube with just a few clicks, and you can build your own Youtube channel here. Youtube is also the 2nd largest search engine in the world – did you know that?

For example, on Youtube, you can upload corporate videos or shorter commercials. Videos – especially when working with stylistic devices such as humor – can, if they are good, spread very quickly on the Internet.

You do not necessarily have to shoot “right” videos because there are many ways to create videos from images today. You can use these slideshow videos very well to present your roofing services and works.

If you optimize your roofing Youtube videos well, they may even land in the free Google search results. If you already have Google Adwords set up, you can also promote your videos on Youtube and Google Affiliates.

6. Advertising on subject portals, forums, and communities
Those who prefer to address business customers or older people, who are very interested in information and expertise, may be in better hands on specialist portals and forums than on Facebook or Youtube (although many older people are now also active on Facebook and Youtube).

If you want to present yourself on the Internet as an expert, you can specifically draw attention to specialist portals and specialist forums. This helps build the reputation that you may have had in the real world for a long time, even on the Internet.

There are also specialist groups on Facebook who invite to discussions and exchanges. This can be both special roofer groups, but also general craftsmen and house building groups. The best thing to do is to search for relevant terms and join suitable groups.

Also, there are many review portals and industry books on the Internet, where customers can hopefully leave positive reviews to your roofing company. Since many potential customers inform themselves here as well, it can be an idea to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews here. Also for craftsmen, there are special rating portals.

Currently, Instagram is being discovered by companies for advertising. So far, Instagram and Pinterest were only for particularly photo-oriented companies, for example from the fashion industry, as interesting. But other companies are increasingly discovering these networks as well. If you often like to share varied, well-made photos on Instagram, you will be able to appeal to a young target group in particular.

Conclusion – Advertising for Roofers is Not Impossible
As you can see, there are countless opportunities to advertise roofers and new ones are added every day, because new networks and trends keep appearing on the Internet.

But the internet offers so many options that you can try something new. What options do you have for your roofer advertising? However, I advise you to invest a lot of time and energy in the first four marketing methods.

You have questions about the individual marketing methods for roofers or would like to share your experiences with other roofers? Then just leave a comment. If you do not have the time or desire to deal with online marketing, search engine optimization, and web design, we are happy to help you. For interested parties, we offer a free analysis and non-binding advice.

You may not feel the success of your rooftop advertising on the Internet overnight. But with some patience, the World Wide Web opens up many unexpected ways and will bring you new customers and orders!